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Bin Laden: The Wicked Witch is Dead, now what should we do with those photos?

Here’s what’s funny.  I’m pretty sure several conservatives are pissed right now that Obama refused to release the gruesome photos of Osama Bin Laden.  Almost as pissed as they were when Al Jazeera and other news networks showed photos and footage of fallen soldiers during the Iraq war.  I didn’t realize how pissed they were until I watched Ann Coulter on Hannity last night.  I actually felt stupider after watching.

I get it-we want to see that mass murderer pay-we want to see his lifeless mutilated body and feel all warm and cozy inside because the mastermind of 9-11 is finally dead.   But to be fair here, shouldn’t we at least be consistent?  I realize that our fallen soldiers weren’t supposed to be pictured in such a light, but that’s what really happens in a war.  People die, and it’s not pretty.

I actually commend our troops for disposing of his body and respecting the religion of Islam.  It’s not my religion, but I’d appreciate it if someone respected my faith enough to deal with my lifeless body according to what I believed and practiced in my life.  I’m sure the man will probably be compared to Adolf Hitler in the coming years, but doesn’t it make us just like them to flaunt the destruction of a human? Remember the beheadings that terrorists loved doing? Do we think that would have been a better way to take care of Bin Laden? That makes us no better than terrorists.

Basically I’m saying show a little consistency people.  Media shows dead American soldiers and Rumsfeld and others blacklist and question the credibility of that media source.  Media is unable to show Bin Laden’s dead body and people are up in arms about it.  I understand the difference; one is a killer and the others are heroes, right? Just saying who are we to judge which dead corpse we deserve and don’t deserve to see.

And I know I’m going to get a lot of wonderful, happy feedback for this, but seriously, Sarah Palin, are you joking? Palin’s recent twitter post, “Show photo as warning to others seeking America’s destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama; it’s part of the mission.” What the heck are you talking about lady?

On another note, I think it’s an admirable and intelligent thing for the Obama administration not to release the photos.  On one end, he and the U.S. government that he represents look reputable to the rest of the world, (they killed the bad guy and got credit for it-BUSH and Obama, but still want to show that there’s no need to brag; unlike Palin who is used to shooting a moose and proudly standing next to her kill and distributing the photo-or making a reality TV program about it.)* On the other end, the man is intelligent enough to know that the photos will assuredly be leaked somehow and the media will do it’s job by circulating the photo-and the administration will come out unstained-taking the high road and gaining the respect of others around the world.

*disclaimer, I have no issues with hunting; I’m just saying we shouldn’t be treating people like animals we hunt. Sometimes Mrs. Palin may have trouble deciphering between the two. Remember the Russia comment, “When Putin rears his head…..?


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I went to a lecture today.  My reason for going was to hear Deogratias (Deo) Niyizonkiza,  Doctor and Burundian-who has worked closely with Paul Farmer and is the subject of the New York Times bestselling  author Tracy Kidder’s most recent book, “Strength in What Remains”- talk about nonprofit Village Health Works.  

What I didn’t realize is that his lecture was in memory of a Baylor Medical student.  In 2000, a Baylor Medical Student was robbed and killed-during a robbery spree of 4 individuals.  This is what affected me.  It’s a life, a life that was unfairly taken in a split second.  So shocking, so heartbreaking…then I began to think of the millions of lives taken in the same exact fashion-worldwide.  Those lives may  not have a scholarship endowment fund named after them, or a slideshow about their life.  But as Deo said, ‘their dreams live on, through the people who knew them.’

why? is it fair that a good looking white boy, 22, is killed because he looks like he has money? That his life is taken and a mere $40 is the profit? That millions are savagely murdered without even the intent to take money or other items-soley because they are malicious or have dehumanized a people? This is one boy, so many stories were written about him-one boy who didn’t deserve what was done to him.  Who worked to help those in need, who had such a bright future robbed from him.   How do you pit that next to the thousands of Rwandans, Burundians, Sudanese, Congolese (insert all other African countries that have been subject to turmoil, genocide, and mass killings).  Deo showed a photograph capturing hundreds of bodies and explained that these were aspiring medical students, nurses, doctors, and other hospital workers-just trying to serve others-who were killed for no reason.  Not that there really is ever a reason to kill someone.  But really?  A murder 10 years ago has brought to the forefront this question.  why?  What has happened to humanity? Actually I take that back, I know what happened.  We’re fallen.  Ever since Cain and Able, man has been known to think it’s okay to slay their own kind. 

One thing that was said today gives me hope.  Deo told all of the Baylor Medical students attending the lecture, “It is our job to care for the sick.  People that did this to Matthew, and to my fellow classmates and community members in Burundi are sick. That is why people do things like this, they are sick….. Where there is health, there is hope.”

Take care of the sick around you-before they get to the point of no return.

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