Welcome to healthLINE, a blog created and commandeered by Sarah Michel, freelance health reporter and overall health aficionado. Here you will find articles ranging from U.S. National healthcare reform to international health systems, and the global issues that link the two.  To learn more about the author, read below.

After working at the Daily Texan Newspaper, and receiving a bachelors degree in Journalism from the University of Texas School of Communication, Sarah reported for the Hutto News.

Then she traveled to Northeastern Africa in order to freelance about the Southern Sudanese repatriation. While traveling through Egypt, Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania she witnessed the recurring need for health education.  Upon her return from Africa, Sarah co-founded Agape Jubilee a 501(c)3 which serves the persecuted Christians of Egypt and Sudan. She also worked as Development & Communications Associate for Caritas of Austin, a nonprofit serving documented refugees, homeless individuals, and low-income families.

She received her MPH in Management, Policy and Community Health at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston, with a specific concentration in Global Health and currently works at Baylor College of Medicine for the Eisenberg Center disseminating comparative effectiveness research to patients, physicians, and policymakers.


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