RedeNUTES Sexual Health Teleseminar

One of the services RedeNUTES provides to PSF teams is teleseminars.  I’ve discussed this briefly in a previous blog, but basically it’s one of the many services the RedeNUTES program uses to equip medical teams (composed of Doctors, nurses, dentists and community health workers) working in rural areas within the state of Pernambuco. So basically the way it works is like this, A medical professional working in the Hospital Das Clinicas (Major public hospital-where the best of the best work) in Recife gives a seminar on a certain topic of interest to the PSF teams working in exterior areas.  Of the 79 cities, 31 dialed up to partake in the sexual health teleseminar.

Sexual Health, along with Mental, Dental, Adolescent are among the most attended seminars by PSF teams.  Which we can take to mean that PSF teams need support and to learn more about these areas in order to better serve their communities.   The goal is that every PSF team would participate in 4 seminars a month-there are 5 seminars offered each week-so the goal is not difficult to meet.

Now back to what I observed while I sat in.  A nice little OBGYN nurse gave an intricately information and useful lecture on Sexual health from the various forms of contraceptives, many of which I had never heard of (i’m talking implants, spermacides, injections) and their effectiveness (she had percentages next to every single contraceptive listed as well as how to use each item.  There was also a note about abstinence being the best policy after every contraception she listed, but I think these people realize PEPFAR Bush style-where it’s a strictly abstinence only policy- does not work ‘en la interior du Brasil.’ This nurse lectured for about 45 minutes.  As she was lecturing, the PSF teams who were logged in were asking questions online. These questions, as well as the actual attendance and participation of the PSF teams are moderated by Beti, the education specialist.  At the end of the lecture, Beti had collected and compiled the list of questions submitted by each of the teams.  She asked the all-knowing nurse and PSF teams would get answers to their questions on the spot.

After the lecture, each PSF team is asked to fill out an evaluation form of the content of the material they watched.  How useful was it, could they relay this information to someone else if necessary, did they benefit directly from this time, was the time too long or short, was the subject matter useful, was there something new they learned?  Granted, each PSF team is not required to fill out these evaluations, and several do not-which is a pity-but the feedback from these evaluations is used for future lectures.  Very impressive.  I keep hoping someone will post a comment like, “Duh Sarah, we have a program exactly like that, check it out!” and post a link.  Anyone?


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