Post Carnival

I haven’t updated for a while.  I have visited a private hospital and a philanthropic hospital here in Brazil and learned much more about the health and telehealth system here.  Carnival also happened, and I got the ‘gripada’ also known as ‘after carnival flu’.  They say it’s very common due to the close contact with people and sub-par sanitary conditions.  Although, I should have avoided it with my Public health Knowledge and the friendly reminders I received during Carnival.

I was surprised to see the presence of public health during this massive celebration.  Great JOB, Brazil! check out the pictures I took of pamphlets and other ‘paraphernalia’ ladies were handing out in Olinda-one of the hot spots for carnival.  Granted, this was at 9 am in the morning which is when most of the families are out-I wonder if they had anything left to hand out during the afternoon when the wild and crazy party people start showing up.

Well, something is better than nothing!  Check it out!


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