An Overview for Brazilians about the U.S. Health System…Just in Time for Tomorrow’s Meeting

Today I gave a lecture to 40 Brazilian medical students and a few professors about the U.S. Health System.  In one sitting? Yes, I tried to explain our immensely complicated system to people who go to the doctor when then are sick and leave having paid nothing.  It’s that simple. How did I explain our system? I basically decided to lightly touch Medicaid and Medicare and spent most of my time trying to simplify the mystifying intricacies of our wonderful private healthcare system.  It only took an hour. But the students seems baffled at the differences.  I was surprised by a few of the similarities between our systems.  Apparently they have trouble getting medical students to practice primary care in Brazil as well.  For the same reasons we do in the U.S.  I digress…

At the end of our conversation (because it was a very open forum, which I loved!) one student asked me about the health reform.  I told her that was a whole different talk but briefly explained what happened in the House and Senate and what Obama is proposing for tomorrow’s talk with Congressional leaders.  If you want to know what our President is proposing for our health system, CLICK HERE and read away.  Oh, if it were only that simple.  They also asked if I thought reform would ever happen…I guess I’ll save my opinion for another blog.  Let’s just say I think we have a long way to go before we take that step.


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